If you are having problems with mobility we may be able to help you decide on the best way to get about for yourself or for someone that you know with a disability.

Wheelchairs are vital to a large number of disabled people to enable them to go out and about and participate in activities that they would otherwise be unable to enjoy. A wheelchair that is suitable for one person may be entirely unsuitable for somebody else, making it absolutely essential for a person considering the use of a wheelchair to have an individual assessment.

DIAL can advise on assessments, purchase, hire, loan and provision of a permanent chair from the NHS, both manual and powered. We also have the names of several reputable suppliers should you wish to purchase and maintain your own chair.

Contact your GP for obtaining a wheelchair on a permanent basis or for temorary loan there are local groups that lend them out.

For wheelchair loan in the Basildon district contact Basildon Community Transport Service on 01268 294235

Red Cross operate a medical loan service in various locations throughout Essex. Their head office is on 0344 871 1111. They will advise on local opening times and contact details for the branch nearest to you. They also offer a home delivery and collection service for a fee. If you would like this service please contact 01279 428569.